My name is Brita and I recently graduated with my Master’s of Social Work.

I started this blog back in 2013 because I spent hours perfecting my idea of a “perfect” vanilla cupcake based on science. There is nothing more fascinating than lining up different cakes or cookies or [insert baked good here] and comparing them based on taste, texture, color, and any other very scientific measure. Although I took a few years off, my vision for the future of this blog is teaching the science of baking through experiments. That’s the fun stuff: showing the effects of different techniques and how you can customize your own baking experience.

I hope you enjoy your time on my blog.

Happy baking,





  1. First thing I want to say is you caught my attention with science in the title. I love this! Baking especially is a scientific venture but a delicious one. I’ really like your blog, lots of good information. Now I’m off to bake a hot milk cake. By the way you described creaming methods beautifully. Thank you for all your time in this.

  2. Dear Brita, delicious recipes. Your Vanilla Cake was the best. Wow. We are eating it now, warm cake no icing,so good. Do you use this as a 1234 cake? Again thank you for all the excellent tips, and recipes. Take care

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